Subject: Please remove defamatory articles

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Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dear Scott,

CC: Mark Belles (CEO), Doug Lederman (Editor), Lincoln E. Frank (Quad Partners); Daniel P. Neuwirth (Quad Partners)

I should have written to you some time ago, but you need to refrain from continuing to write false, scandalized and defamatory articles about me and my time as President of Mount St. Mary’s University. You have had your fun, but this now has to stop and you need to remove and correct the falsehoods in your numerous articles about me.

Here is your…

As a British-American transformation specialist, I often have to work in politically charged environments. Change causes emotions to run high, and in this environment Machiavellian constituents further their self-interested agendas by inflaming anger and fear rather than focusing on facts. When these manipulations happen, it always leads to bad outcomes.

Brexit is magnitude larger and more complex than any corporate reorganization, but the unsavory psychological tactics employed by Vote Leave are similar to those used to thwart change in any institution. …

Simon P. Newman

Wednesday May 1st is National College Decisions Day when around 3 million students decide on which college to attend. It is a tense time for you and your parents, who graduated in a different time (or maybe didn’t graduate at all). The stakes are much higher today. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, the inflation adjusted price of college tuition in 2015–16 is nearly five times the price it was in 1985–86. Over 44 million borrowers owe $1.57 trillion in student loans, as of December 2018. …

Simon P. Newman

CEO. Entrepreneur. Turnaround expert. PE Investor. Former University President. Founded 4 companies. Lived in three continents. Husband and Father of two.

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